Questions for the County (February 11, 2017)

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Two more deaths in the county jail have been discovered through a freedom of information request with the state, bring the total to 7, with six since June 2013. This includes 3 black men, one Latino, two white persons, and one French Canadian. What is the Sheriff hiding?

Broome County is about to transfer funds for personnel from the health department to the DA’s welfare fraud office that already has it seems six investigators. We will need to expand the jail. This is a continuous story: close down health services, cut funding for Willow Point nursing home, and invest in yet more incarceration. Is it true that this is being done behind closed doors, with no public comment at committee or county meetings? What is the County hiding?

In recent public appearances Binghamton Mayor Richard David has proudly spoken, with numbers, of efforts to hire a more diverse city staff. Why will the County not reveal its employment profile, particularly at the Jail? What is the Sheriff hiding?


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