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  1. I haven’t been an unfortunate guest of the Broome County Public Safety Facility since mid May, 2015. Here are some examples of experiences I personally had while being an inmate: 1) Back then it wasn’t uncommon to go to bed hungry every night. Food trays that were suppose to have 5 items sometimes would only have 3 items. I distinctly remember black bean chili day with only a serving of black bean chili, a serving of rice, and a serving of broccoli stalks. Everyone was hungry and everyone was pissed. A shortage of calories seemed to create an outbreak of larcenies. The jail refused to look at the cameras and even went as far as telling us, “we need to handle this among ourselves.” What do you think that means? Even though the jails policy prohibits physical contact with one another, I have personally been in Pods where the CO not only turns a blind eye to fighting but allows it as part of the jail experience. You are expected to fight for what you have on the inside.
    2) I was incarcerated when Salladin Prince Barton-Sal B. we used to call him- lost his life. It was well known by the jail population that Sal B. had a mental health condition but also well understood that he wasn’t a horrible person- Quite the opposite in fact. The jail had Sal B locked in “the box” for a very, very long time. He had been the talk of the Jail population since I got there. I kept hearing stories of a mentally ill man who had been locked up in “the box” longer then anyone else, who was constantly taunted by jail staff until he would get angry. Then they would enter his cell for being “out of control” and beat him senseless. They even had to move him to a different cell once to clean the blood off the walls and floor. Inmates also reported seeing certain officers withhold food while eating some in front of him. I remember them locking us in our cells one day. The rumor spread that someone in D- Pod had died. I was like I bet they just killed Sal B. The messed up part is the lack of accountability by the Sheriffs Dept. They protected their own and lied to everyone by reporting that it was a drug overdosed. People very close to him said he didn’t use hard drugs and never would. I wish I witnessed these atrocities first hand so these scumbags could feel what it is like to be on the other side of the law.
    3) Whenever the CO’s bring in a squad to “handle” a problem inmate we are told to get off the doors. If we are seen watching the incident we will be subject to punishment. No witnesses.
    4) The medical facility at that had both males and females in direct view of each others cells. We are not allowed privacy in the Medical Unit. Even from other inmates.
    5) Any due process violations are disregarded with, “file a grievance.” If the facility does violate a statue they often just find a quick loop hole to punish the individual. You can’t get time back that you spent in the box. The most common example I see of this is when a Guard claims you violated a rule and the punishment is being locked in your cell for a given amount of time. His Sgt. will later approach you to sign a paper to say you agree with what happened. If you disagree, and will not sign, they leave you locked in for weeks or sent you to solitary until your complaint can be processed. You will spend 2 weeks in the box minimum only to go in front of another CO and lose your complaint. Likely resulting in even more time.
    6) The medical staff changed my blood thinners upon entry I needed to treat a blood clot, disregarding my doctors original prescription. They medical unit will often disregard prescriptions, failing to take my mental and physical health into account.
    7) I told the Dentist about my blood thinners before having a tooth pulled. He said he would talk to the head Physician. Someone made the decision to pull it anyway and the blood would not clot. I reported the situation but they were unconcerned, AS ALWAYS. I bled out all day and night and passed out. The morning CO freaked out and the medical dept was ill prepared. The had to quickly order emergency Vitamin K and other clotting agents. The CO on duty the next 2 night told me she could believe the way the situation was being handled. When everything finally seemed under control I finally saw the jail physician. He told me, “everyone over reacted and the blood was just mixed with saliva,” making it look like a lot. He is a liar and didn’t even see it.
    8) You are expected to somehow provide deodorant- a really basic an cheap item- for yourself. If you don’t have friends and don’t socialize well, then you stink.
    This is not even listing the illegal, unjust, and/or unfair treatment by police and the courts.

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